Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beautiful Places

Near northeast Georgia's Lake Rabun, a US Forest Service trail leads to 2 waterfalls that are spectacular, but only when rain is average or above. During low rainfall periods, visitors could be disappointed by narrow flows. Getting there is fairly easy. At the rear of the forest service's campground 2, a trail follows Joe's Creek for about one-half mile to Panther Falls and another 600 yards to Angel Falls. Panther falls about 50 feet between rock walls and a canopy of trees. The falls cascades over rock steps before making a sharp turn to its right. Following the trail above and beyond Panther, the hiker is treated to another waterfalls. Angel Falls cascades several hundred feet along a ridge line, surrounded on each side by Mountain Laurel.

Both waterfalls are worth second, third and more looks. At Panther Falls, a 2-seat bench is strategically placed at the base of the falls. At Angel Falls, the forest service has constructed a small observation platform at the base of the falls. I've spent time at both waterfalls and won't hesitate to go back. At Panther, I've taken dozens of pictures. It's camera friendly. At Angel, you have to work to overcome narrow camera angles. During one visit, a thunderstorm made photography a challenge. Try capturing an image with fogged-over lenses.
If you're in the area, make the hike. It's an easy trail for about 0.5 miles to Panther. Angel is more challenging. It's only 600 yards from Panther, but the trail is narrow and steep in places. Return to Click Here

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