Thursday, January 7, 2010

Worth The Hike

In Upstate South Carolina, the Chauga River is known for its twists and turns, but few people are aware of this river's punch. In an area north of Walhalla in Oconee County, the river narrows into a channel that's only a few feet wide. The force of water squeezing through here creates some spectacular moments. Above this channel, the river cascades over rocks, creating some special views. In this picture, you can see the formation of the channel and the rocks above it.
This section of the river is about 0.5 miles from a parking area and a couple of miles north of the community of Mountain Rest. Most of the trail is wide, punctuated by puddles, fishermen and occasional brush. The final 100 yards or so is more challenging, creating opportunities to slide on the seat of your pants while holding onto tree roots. It's worth it. Sometimes, it's easy to forget the reason in coming when you take a seat on a rock and observe this view.
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