Monday, March 8, 2010

Worth It

There comes a time in photography when one missed step becomes the price that one must pay for a shot at success.
After hiking about 2.5 miles to photograph a new waterfalls, my excitement was briefly tempered when I was faced with my second crossing of a small creek. The first time I crossed the creek, I had to wade a few feet. No problems with waterproof boots, recalling my wife's insistence. After taking pictures of the falls, I was beginning the second leg of my journey when my second attempt at wading became a humbling story.
I stepped into a small area of swirling water, slipped to my knees with both elbows touching bottom. It was a cannon-ball-type event. In a flash, I was up and out, jeans soaked above both knees; both sleeves of my long-sleeved shirt soaked to my elbows; camera bag filled with water.
Undeterred, I pressed on, only to meet a couple and small child heading my way.
In a moment like this, there's not much to say. "Be careful," I said, hoping they wouldn't notice my soaked appearance or the wet footprints behind me.
For more than 2 miles, I hiked, wondering if any wildlife were snickering at the sound of my shoes.
If the pictures had been lost, I would have been less fond of this experience.
The shot is of Opossum Falls in Upstate South Carolina. This 50-foot or about waterfalls drains into the Chattooga River.
If you go, enjoy the hike, but watch out for that little creek.
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