Sunday, May 16, 2010

Split Level

When hikers ignore a chance for a closer look at a waterfalls, the destination must have a blinding influence. Near Helen in north Georgia, Raven Cliff Falls has earned its reputation. Tumblling almost 60 feet inside the walls of a rock cliff and viewable only through a narrow opening, its unusual nature numbs the senses. Other views from the trail that follows Dodd Creek might build spectacular reputations if they were not competing with Raven Cliff Falls. (Read about Raven in "Squeeze Play.") About halfway into the 2.5-mile hike to Raven Cliff, changes in elevation in Dodd Creek create cascades and small, unnamed waterfalls. The one pictured here flows about 12 feet over a rock wall. It's accessible, but hikers have to make their way down a slippery embankment. Most cast a quick glance, then continue their hike to Raven.
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