Sunday, May 16, 2010

b Marks The Spot

Even though 'x' is reserved for use on treasure maps, natural forces create opportunities for other letters of the alphabet. At Reedy Branch Falls in Upstate South Carolina, the letter 'b' marks the spot of this natural treasure. Located only a couple hundred yards from U.S. 76 near Long Creek, the path to this falls is easy to overlook. At the edge of the highway, a rock wall and iron gate appear to mark the entrance to an exclusive development. After the project failed, the property was sold to the U.S. Forest Service, which kept the formal entrance. Hikers follow a gravel road to the base of a hill. A left turn and short hike brings one to the base of this 30-foot waterfalls. Its cascade is forever identifiable by the letter 'b,' which is formed by a rock that separates the flow and creates this recognizable symbol. To return to, click here.

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