Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Months after hiking in sub-freezing temperatures, I long to rewind the moment when I missed my focus.
While hiking to a known waterfalls, the sound of water interrupted my hike, leading me off a trail and to within feet of an unique sight. When I reached the edge of a creek, I took a risk by stepping on ice-covered rocks and avoiding puddles of water to get a clear view of multiple cascades. The image I wanted was almost unobstructed, except for a log that was stuck in the middle of the flow. Probably won't look right, I thought. So I took a quick shot and resumed my hike. It wasn't until I returned home and began to review my collection of images that I discovered a special moment.
During my side trip, I was locked in to collecting an image of a cascade. I got the shot of the cascade. It never survived the cut. Another  image did. That one was formed by mist from the creek, which had frozen on the log, creating several feet of ice that was topped by an image that appears to be the head and neck of a swan.
Photography becomes special when the image sought is not necessarily the image kept.
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