Thursday, June 10, 2010


So far, no directions have been found that document the way to duplicate some of nature's most magnificent places.
Waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes. In northeast Georgia, there is one place that could be called a model for others to follow.
Becky Branch Falls cascades more than 50 feet before turning into a creek that parallels a portion of the Bartram Trail.
Near Clayton in Rabun County, a portion of the trail meanders through Warwoman Dell and crosses a highway before winding up a mountain.
Once across the highway, the trail narrows to about 3 feet as if cut into a hillside. With a steep incline on one side and a precipitous drop on the other, hikers use caution as they make a 200-plus yard trek under a canopy of trees before they can view the falls.
If you go, be prepared to stay for a while. The view is hypnotic.
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