Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Mostly unseen at one waterfalls, minerals create a value-added feature at the climax of an accelerating current.
A few feet from the top of Hemlock Falls in northeast Georgia, a lazy creek picks up speed as the water begins a downhill run to the top of the falls.
Seconds before the tight current disintegrates into a disorganized spray, ripples of current reflect the colors from rocks that form the creek bottom.
About a mile from the trailhead, Hemlock Falls falls about 15 feet into a pool that is popular with swimmers.
But my agenda is to hike just above the falls, where I pause at a favorite rock of mine. Sitting on it, I can watch the water go over the edge and amuse myself with the awesome color show that mineral deposits and sunlight create each afternoon.
Depending on time and sun angle, there's always a surprise for anyone with a lens.
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