Friday, October 15, 2010

Broken Pipe

Pipes can betray the best of intentions.
Sometimes, the best design fails, or it might appear that way.
At Darnell Creek Falls on the edge of the Chattahoochee National Forest in northeast Georgia, there's a visual lesson. The water pressure here is so intense that downed trees flow until snagged by boulders.
After making my way along a short trail and across boulders, I crawled to the top of the last boulder in front of the falls and positioned myself to snap images.
A partially-submerged tree at the base of the 12-foot falls caught my attention. Something familiar about this, I thought. Plumbing 101 tells one that when pipes break, water escapes under pressure.
When I saw the falls and a portion of the log, my thoughts flooded. Have I protected my pipes from freezing? Have I looked under my sink lately?
With only a little imagination, this waterfalls was about to become the sum of my fears.
Oh well, I thought, snapping back to reality. No problem. This is nature's way. There's no need here for a plumber or concern about a water bill.

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